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Why every business should have their own mobile app

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Why every business should have their own mobile app

Today, over 50% of population in age to communicate in all industrialized countries has a Smartphone, according to the Mobile Marketing Association France.

The Smartphone is one of the few items that people can’t do without : the “mobile users” are 7.3 million downloading mobile applications each month and spend an average of 82 minutes per day on a mobile or tablet. This makes a Smartphone indispensable communication tool for any business.

This new media allow to create a close communication with users through mobile applications. Companies can now offer to the general public, consumers, a simpler and faster way to access a service or online content from a mobile phone: information about a business , news, events, information on promotions, … These are all features that are useful for “mobile users” but also encouraged to visit the store or shop online. These mobile applications have become an essential marketing tool for any business and administration in all sectors.

Side users, mobile applications have faster, smoother ergonomic interface, and are more practical than a non-small screens optimized website (Responsive or WebApp). They are even easier to find and install on your mobile, from Apple Stores , Google Play, Windows Store, … and are created specifically to enable a rich and enjoyable user experience, probably one of the keys to the success of mobile applications .

With an expansion of the use of smartphones and tablets in recent years, the use of mobile applications has become indispensable. The creation of mobile applications is growing and becoming more and more simple, thanks to the many companies that offer to create custom applications.

An ideal turnkey solution for any company to have their own mobile application and improve its digital presence:

To create a mobile application in 5 minutes

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