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Sikiwis releases MADF – the Mobile Automated Document Factory

Sikiwis releases MADF – the Mobile Automated Document Factory

Paris, November 28th, 2016

Sikiwis is proud to announce the release of MADF – the Mobile Automated Documents Factory. MADF is a powerful enablor for intelligent document generation, and SIKIWIS’ latest disruptive productivity module for smartphones and tablets.

MADF components allow operatives and managers to create and deliver advanced formal documents to any stakeholder in seconds regardless of their specific work environment. MADF is one of the over 50 modules already available in CRM ENTREPRISE, SIKIWIS’ advanced system for full enterprise digitalization. CRM ENTERPRISE modules range from sales force support to procurement effectiveness and operational efficiency, fully accessible from smartphones and tablets native apps.

“MADF delivers disruptive value in record time by providing any document delivery capability to any business manager or operations staff. Top quality documents are created and delivered straight from users’ smartphone in just a few clicks. MADF algorithms provide advanced logics tools to deliver highly targeted tailor-made documents for each specific recipients. This single module offers significant productivity gains throughout organizations. And it’s only one of CRM ENTERPRISE’s 50+ productivity modules which can be combined at will with another 150 modules for work available on Apps Generators. Our systems deliver productivity and performance throughout the enterprise, all available on smartphone mobile apps. We are very proud of the added value we provide to our clients with the most simple – development free – implementation processes. There is no match for the return on investment our platforms deliver.” stated Paul Sitbon, SIKIWIS’ CEO.

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