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Ten reasons why it’s critical for a Country to Go Smart

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Ten reasons why it’s critical for a Country to Go Smart

The last five years have seen dramatic changes in the field of technology. These have created significant opportunities for any nation – regardless of its development status – to create economic, social and environmental value. The three main drivers of these new opportunities are:

Reduced cost of setting up city-wide/nation-wide communication infrastructure. Latest 3G and 4G infrastructure cost have created a significant drop in the cost of bringing a network connection to each and every citizen

Smartphones technologies enabling the development of applications which can create tremendous value for populations

Significant drop of cost of latest generation smartphones – they will soon reach the cost of a few bags of rice – making it possible for any citizen to access latest generation services With this new equation, it has become a duty for countries to create the infrastructure that will deliver the highest level of value to its nation. A structured approach to this topic will deliver disruptive social value and economic development. We list below the 10 reasons going Country Smart is a duty for every operational administration

1. Help improve the efficiency of public services

There are numerous ways to deliver value in this field. Improve administrative formalities, facilitate accelerated businesses access to technology, create smart cities services, facilitate information flows in key areas, promote tourism development…

2. Bring new services to citizens

In the field of medical services, eased access to transportation services, improved information flows in any area that supports people’s quality of life and personal productivity, support cost control for regulated products, implement mobile payment solutions, etc.

3. Promote access to culture and leisure

Provide technology which facilitates the access to arts and culture, support communication for sports clubs, sports competions, etc.

4. Accelerate the development of the economy through technology

There are many lebvers to boost economic development with technology. Developing countries have the opportunity to create within one to two years the entire digital ecosystem which took over ten years to create in industrialized countries. Webistes generators, mobile apps generators, geographic information systems are the pre-requisite
to delivering value at nationwide scale. Introduce M-Commerce, M-Payments solutions, facilitate bundled information flows, open new opportunities for products exports. Opportunities rare endless

5 Promote the creation of digital content locally

To develop digital services you will need to first create local digital content. Collaboratyive platforms supported by dedicated mobile apps can have you create nationwide content at accelerated pace.

6. Support the development of local start-ups related to digital

You will not extract the full value of digitalization if you do not support the development of your local startups and innovation companies, along with local operators of these technologies – digital services also require traditional business development structures such as sales forces, client support, etc. Supporting the development of this startup
ecosystem is not only a critical component of your success, it’s also a key driver of development of expertise in the field of digital, another driver of long term growth

7. Push the training and skills development in the digital

By creating local expertise in the field of digital, you will ensure your technology and services are built locally for maximized value delivery. You will also pave the way to increased exports since your trained experts will have the ability to offer their services on the global marketplace. Your are creating employment and expertise in areas that are
critical in tomorrow’s economy

8. Develop new sources of income

Whether you are a public or private operator, it will be requested that these investments not only deliver value to the public and the economy but also generate additional revenue flows. There are several highly profitable models with have been proven in Europe and the United States making it easier for you to focus on the appropriate fields

9. Earn support through technological leadership

Delivering these services at nationwide level will earn you strong support from people and companies which will benefit from these technology advances. Federate all stakeholders and drive change,

10. Create local players which will meet the challenges of tomorrow’s services

Create strong local players so that the services of the future are operated by local teams, not outside operators. This is a key factor in retaining value of new technologies within your nation rather than becoming a significant financial and technology dependency. These are the key reasons why you should move fast to implement your SMART COUNTRY
services and technologies. Be the driver of change. Federate all stakeholders under your umbrella. Go Smart today.

SMART COUNTRY is a service platform operated by the SIKIWIS GROUP. SMART COUNTRY is a registered trademark.

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